Juice Lithium Battery JLI-12200PRO | 12V | 200Ah | 2560Wh

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Juice Lithium LiFePO4 Marine Battery – Professional Series

The Juice Lithium-Ion marine battery has been developed specifically for the demanding marine, solar and industrial markets.

These batteries have drawn on Enertec’s near-decade of Lithium-Ion experience in the marine and mobile markets to locally develop the latest generation of Li-Ion batteries.  Juice Pro Series Li-Ion batteries come complete with integrated bi-directional active cell balancing, BMS and battery capacity monitoring to produce a battery that will provide greater than 3000 cycles to 80% DOD, efficiently balance each cell to maintain the batteries rated capacity, and protect your battery bank from over-discharge or over voltage from your charging system.

While Li-Ion technology can offer significant advantages over traditional flooded, AGM and GEL batteries such as compact size, and reduced weight, a number of Lithium Ion advantages are only achievable with cell balancing and a battery management system (BMS) that is designed for their intended application. Many Li-Ion products in the market either have no cell balancing and BMS, or a balancing and BMS system that is not designed for the marine and mobile market, thus not allowing the Li-Ion cells to meet their cycle life design, maintain their rated battery capacity or protect your battery investment from over-discharge or charging system problems.


Juice JLI-12200PRO Product Features:

  • For RV, Marine, Solar Systems, Commercial and Industrial

  • Compact and lightweight – 1/3rd weight of lead-acid batteries

  • Six times the life of AGM or GEL batteries (3000+ cycles compare to 500cycles)

  • Fast charging and discharging

  • Integrated active cell balancing

  • Integrated BMS (Battery Management System) (Voltage, current, state of charge)
  • Programmable input & output relays (auto generator control, load shedding) -integrated

  • Can be used in parallel or Series for larger battery bank capacities and voltages

  • Comply with latest Aus/ NZ marine electrical standards (AS/NZS 3004.2:2014)

  • Suitable for most conventional charging systems

  • NMEA Output

  • CE Compliant

Juice JLI-12200PRO Specs:

  • Nominal Voltage: 13.25V

  • Nominal Capacity: 200Ah

  • Nominal Power: 2560Wh

  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 / LFP)

  • Cycle Life to 80% DOD: ≥ 3000

  • Weight: 26.5kg

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 326 x 201 x 335mm

  • Max Charge: 200A

  • Max discharge: 500A

  • Cell Balancing: Integrated Bi-Directional Active balancing

  • BMS: Yes, Integrated

  • Battery Monitoring: Yes, Integrated

  • Battery Load Relay: Yes, Integrated to control external contactor

  • Charge Relay: Yes, Integrated

  • Genset Start Relay: Yes, Integrated and Programmable

  • Output Relays: Yes – 2

  • Input Relays: Yes – 3

  • Parallel Connection: Yes

  • Series Connection: Yes, with an integrated series balancer

  • JuiceBus: Yes

  • Display: Juice Lithium System Monitor

  • Battery Terminal: M10



  • 1 x Juice Lithium Battery  JLI-12200PRO | 12V | 200Ah | 2560Wh


Warranty: 2-year manufacturing warranty

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